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Monday, October 4, 2010

Ch. 6 reflection

The use of digital technology in the classroom is a really great way to add another layer to the learning styles that many students may need. I know that in my household, many of these items have been in use at one time or another and continue to be updated with each new gadget that comes along!(Is there a graveyard for obsolete or dead electronics?)! The digital camera is such a great tool for the classroom. For the early grades, it can be used to provide visual aids for materials and pre-reading experiences. The new video cameras (I own a Flip) also help to capture short plays and activities. These help us to share the classroom experience with parents and the community. Touchscreens would be great for early learners as well as those with special needs. My Promethean board is nice for sharing information with a whole group and their are some good resources that are included with it. With so many resources available it often seems that we should have our own personal power grid and charging stations. Something has always got to be charging, including me, but all I need is some chocolate and a Diet Dr. Pepper.

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  1. There does seem to be a wealth of technology we have access to for use in the classroom. Many of the personal devices we get can be re-purposed for school as well such as smart phones. Unfortunately we often use that technology to do the same old thing in a different way. The focus has been to use the tech tools, now we need to look at how to increase learning through the tools.

    Have you posted any video of your students?