Monday, September 13, 2010

Ch. 3 reflections

Lesso!n plans,due every Monday morning for the last 18 years!Why are they necessary or are they necessary? As much as I am not a big fan of writing the lesson plans, they do make me really plan what I am going to do and the way in which I plan to do it. They offer me a timeline in which I can chart the learning/teaching path for my students. Each lesson helps me to build upon what they have learned and how best they were able to learn. I make a point to make notes of which lessons were successful and which ones were not. I also have gotten in the habit of referring back to previous plans,not to repeat, but to be used as a resource. As I look back it appears that I have employed the DID model all along!
I cannot stress the importance of knowing your learner! If you do not know your learner, how would you ever know how best to teach them! Sometimes it takes weeks other times you can figure them out right away! Accommodate them,some children must be able to fidget even though it might drive us crazy! The environment can and must be arranged to allow for this activity. Using various media will help to keep them engaged and wanting to learn more.

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  1. There are definite benefits to lesson planning, but I also see them as an anchor. I tend to write my big idea on my plans and then as I go through the lessons I modify what I am doing to make the lesson better. I have even been known to throw out the whole thing and do something completely different. I get bored!

    I agree about getting to know the students. The desk is no place to spend your days as a teacher (unless you are moderating blog posts or creating exciting lessons ;) I enjoy talking to the students outside of the classroom too. It helps develop real relationships not schooly ones.